Here there be fanfic, written by Raine Wynd. The fandom list includes A-TeamAngel, Bend It Like Beckham, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dresden Files, Due South, Eureka, Firefly, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Haven, Highlander, Leverage, Mack Bolan, Once Upon a Time (2011), Pacific Rim, The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis, Witchblade, and X-Files. Plus, there's a ton of poetry, too. Please note that while I do post to various major archives, there are a number of stories here that aren't on HL Fiction, Artifact Storage Room 3, Archive of Our Own (AO3), or any number of other archives. 90% of what's here is also at AO3 - the exceptions are the stuff I wrote either with Amand-r and idyll or for them based off their stories, since they pulled their fic.

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  • Warning Sounds
  • Battle Cries (Pacific Rim/Highlander the Series) - The PPDC invites two swordmasters to demonstrate ruthlessness. AO3 Part 1 of the Battle Cries series.
  • Fair Play (Pacific Rim) - For the Pacific Rim Kink Meme on Tumblr. Stacker just wants to rest. Herc has other ideas. Established relationship. (Adult) 7/5/14 AO3
  • Inside and Out - (Pacific Rim) Media vs. reality, Post-Pitfall. Also known as my take on what happens when you put three people who have gone through something immensely powerful and then ask them to keep talking about it, over and over, in the media, while they’re slowly falling in love with each other. Raleigh Becket/Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori, Raleigh/Chuck, Chuck/Mako 5/7/14 AO3

In Progress

A Pacific Rim/Highlander crossover, if I can pull it off. :-)

NOTE WELL: This site contains fan fiction based on various televison series and movies. This is a fan site, and all work here is produced without any profit; all characters not my own are the copyright of their respective holders. Some material may be inappropriate for anyone who has not seen the shows in question; some material goes beyond what they showed on TV. Some material may not even be labeled to the degree you may feel it deserves. Caveat lector. Stories written between 1998 and 2003 were originally posted when I was writing as Alice in Stonyland.

If you're looking for the JoeStories Archive: sorry, I took it down in the spring of 2010.

* drive-through fic: a fic written under any or all of these circumstances:

  • in an hour or less, usually half an hour or less
  • when I'm getting ready to go somewhere
  • when I really ought to be working on something else and therefore only have so much time to write it

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