Here there be fanfic, written by Raine Wynd. The fandom list includes A-TeamAngel, Bend It Like Beckham, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dresden Files, Due South, Eureka, Firefly, Hawaii Five-0 (2010), Haven, Highlander, Leverage, Mack Bolan, Once Upon a Time (2011), Pacific Rim, The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis, Witchblade, and X-Files. Plus, there's a ton of poetry, too. Please note that while I do post to various major archives, there are a number of stories here that aren't on HL Fiction, Artifact Storage Room 3, Archive of Our Own (AO3), or any number of other archives. 90% of what's here is also at AO3 - the exceptions are the stuff I wrote either with Amand-r and idyll or for them based off their stories, since they pulled their fic.

Update 12/13/14: Yes, I've been behind in updating this site. I blame being hyperfocused on a) plot bunnies and b) Shatterdome Seattle. You should go to b) by the way - it's the only Pacific Rim convention on the Pacific Rim. Due to time constraints, newest stories are only linked to their AO3 pages; I will eventually get them here but no promises.

New to the Site

Latest stories are linked here. For latest updates on a more regular basis, please see my journal or subscribe to my AO3 feed.

  • His Father's Son - (Pacific Rim/Highlander) Chuck and Herc, and the road to finding balance when you're immortal and in love. Part 6 of Battle Cries. Chuck/Raleigh, Herc/OFC, Herc/Richie Ryan. Rated Mature. AO3 11/28/14
  • Last Kiss (Pacific Rim) - For nanuk_dain. Saying goodbye was always in their future - but now that the time is at hand, Herc wants one last kiss. Herc/Stacker, Rated Explicit AO3 9/25/14
  • Falling In - (Pacific Rim) - hauntedjaeger (sallys) asked for Team Hot Dads, Mark-1 Glory Days. This is the result: the first time Herc and Stacker ever met, along with their first time together, and a bit of the aftermath of said events. Herc/Stacker, Rated Explicit AO3 9/20/14
  • Here in His Arms (Pacific Rim) - Worried about the future of the PPDC, Stacker lets Herc take his mind off things. Herc/Stacker, Rated Explict (AO3) 9/8/14
  • Airbrushed (Pacific Rim) - The June issue of Vanity Fair features our heroes, but there's a problem. Rated G, featuring Herc, Mako, Raleigh, and an OC. Also at AO3. 9/3/14.

In Progress

Coming soon: my Highlander Holiday Shortcuts fic, which will be posted in January, once the reveals are allowed.

Check out the Shatterdome Seattle convention - I'm helping plan it and hope to see you there!

NOTE WELL: This site contains fan fiction based on various televison series and movies. This is a fan site, and all work here is produced without any profit; all characters not my own are the copyright of their respective holders. Some material may be inappropriate for anyone who has not seen the shows in question; some material goes beyond what they showed on TV. Some material may not even be labeled to the degree you may feel it deserves. Caveat lector. Stories written between 1998 and 2003 were originally posted when I was writing as Alice in Stonyland.

If you're looking for the JoeStories Archive: sorry, I took it down in the spring of 2010.

* drive-through fic: a fic written under any or all of these circumstances:

  • in an hour or less, usually half an hour or less
  • when I'm getting ready to go somewhere
  • when I really ought to be working on something else and therefore only have so much time to write it

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